(REFURBISHED) Samsung Galaxy Note 1 n7000 - White

((REFURBISHED) Samsung Galaxy Note 1 n7000 - White)

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觫 (REFURBISHED) Samsung Galaxy Note 1 n7000 - White

(REFURBISHED) Samsung Galaxy Note 1 n7000 - White Samsung ⿹ҤҶ١
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(REFURBISHED) Samsung Galaxy Note 1 n7000 - White 5.3 inch screenAndroid 2.38 MP Camera16 GB storage1.4 GHz dual core processorWi-Fi / Bluetooth Product details of (REFURBISHED) Samsung Galaxy Note 1 n7000 - White (REFURBISHED) Samsung Galaxy Note 1 n7000 - WhiteThis is a refurbished itemWhat is refurbishing? Retailers filter through defective items to ensure what goes back to the manufacturer can be restored to a good-as-new condition. All defective items are shipped back to a central processing point for technical identification and sorting. Each item is checked thoroughly to see if they can be saved and if so, they are repaired and new parts are added if needed to replace old ones. The item is cleaned, repackaged and shipped back to the retailer, with a ?factory refurbished? label on it, allowing people to distinguish it from a brand-new item. Refurbished vs. brand-newRefurbished devices often sport the same features and quality as new ones. These are often immediate returns, which are tested to ensure that they are in working order before they are sent back to the retailer to be sold. Refurbished does not mean that it is used or defective, but when you shop for a refurbished device, always compare it to new, reconditioned and recertified devices with like features to make sure that you get the features you need. Why buy refurbished products? - Refurbished products are less expensive and prices can be as low as 80 percent below retail. - Purchasing refurbished products is beneficial to the environment as you prevent it from ending up in a landfill, thereby reducing electronic waste that contains toxic materials like cadmium and mercury. - More often than not, refurbished and recertified products offer the most benefits as they have been returned to the manufacturer for repair and further testing. If the device performs properly after testing, it is certified as good as new and returned to the market for sale. - Some refurbished electronics may come with same-as-new warranties. Understand whether the product is truly a refurbished electronic, and check the warranty carefully. Samsung GALAXY Note 1Running on an Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) platform, the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 smartphone offers better multi-tasking ability and greater visual appeal with its streamlined User Interface. Powered by the 1.4 GHz dual core processor, this Samsung smartphone delivers faster and smoother performance. The large 5.3-inch HD Super AMOLED display screen of this Samsung mobile device renders lifelike images and crystal-clear texts, with a higher-resolution of 1280x800 pixels (WXGA). Draw, write, give input, and navigate through the menu of this Samsung smartphone using the extremely pressure sensitive, accurate, and fast, S Pen. Capture true-to-life photos and seamless videos with the advanced 8 MP camera of this Samsung mobile device. Unique features included in the Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000 involve various image creation and capturing facilities which can be sent via text messages, emails or through Samsung Galaxy Note GT-N7000?s ChatON communication service. Introducing the Samsung GALAXY NoteA new type of smartphone, borne of insight and innovation. It is the ultimate on-the-go device which consolidates core benefits of diverse mobile devices while maintaining smartphone portability. It empowers you with everything you can ever desire so that you can simply, feel free. It is truly smart. 5.3? large screen + Light & thin designThe 5.3 display is the largest screen size with smartphone portability which allows you to see more and do more, while on the go.

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